Get Approved for a Bridge / Fix and Flip Loan Today

Are you seeking funds to get you from one fix and flip project to another?  Fix and Flip Loans are ideal for real estate investors who have multiple projects in progress and are awaiting the sale of one project to come through so that they can get started with the next project.

Real estate bridge loans are temporary in nature and can be used for a variety of business opportunities. If your project does not meet traditional lenders’ standards or you simply need to act quickly, a real estate bridge loan may be perfect for you.

Why Choose Us?

Your acquisition loan is reviewed and can be approved within 24 hours and can close as quickly as 48 hours
Minimal Up-front Capital Required
We finance 100% of your closing costs and points and can set up an interest reserve so you’re not making interest payments for the first 6 months
Flexible Loan Amounts
We lend anywhere from $50K to $25 million. Easy: minimal paperwork and easy application process
Interest Reserves
We hold construction and interest reserves so you’re not making payments on your project for the first 6 months
With over 40 years of combined real estate experience, as hands-on owners and investors ourselves, we’re not just lenders but can also advise you throughout your project

What Happens Next?

1: Origination
After submitting your request we will work with you to size and price your loan
2: Underwriting
Our highly-efficient, underwriting process saves you time while you have a dedicated in-house team to guide you through each step
3: Closing
Once approved, your loan can close in as little as 24 hours as our mission is to fund on your timeline, not ours